06 May 2015

Hi all

Well, spring is finally here and the spring fishing has been good.  It’s been awhile since the last report, so thought I had better send one.
Walleye  Spawn is just about over now, so it’s hard to catch the wall hanger, but limits of nice sized fish are being taken.  Most people are trolling for them with Shad type baits from 8-20 feet of water.  So if your into walleye it’s a good time.
Brown trout  I think the brown trout fishing is getting a little better.  The Baileys Harbor tournament was held last weekend and I heard the tournament winner was 21#s.  But didn’t hear how many fish were actually registered.  We have had a lot of wind this spring and that has muddied up the water so you don’t spook the fish when trolling in shallow water and that has helped people catch more fish.
Bass, salmon and rainbow  All too early yet for up here, but am hearing reports of some good coho catches starting down south now and some kings mixed in as well.  Let’s get the temperatures warming to warm up the water and get the fish here.  I’ll be certain to send a report every few weeks once we start pre-fishing on the lake and let you know what is happening with these species.
I am on the “donotcall” registry, but that only helps with legitimate businesses. I’ve been getting a lot of spam phone calls. I’m not talking a couple now and then, I’m talking like 50-100 per day!! My research says there is little you can do stop this practice and the best advise is to stop taking any calls from numbers you don’t recognize.
So, at least for now I won’t be answering calls when there is no name associated with the number, so you’ll have to leave a message and I will assure you I will call you back.  If your in my address book your name comes up and I’ll of course answer if available, but if you tell a friend to call he’s a number and he’ll need to leave a message.
Tight lines and light winds to you and yours………………..Capt Bill