17 May 2011

Hi everyone,

Ice has gone away, but some mornings this spring I think it could be making ice again. It is now just getting close to normal on temperatures around here, but the water in the bay and on the lake is really cold yet. At the dock at Leathem the water temp is 54 degrees, 2 1/2 miles off shore it is 44 degrees and drops like a rock as you go further out………Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! Spring is about 4 weeks behind last year and we have only had a few days in the 70’s so far. It has to get warmer soon right??


Bite was really good just after ice out and lasted through the spawn, now it has been hit or miss for the trollers, the day time troll isn’t very good right now, but the night fisherman are doing pretty well. We couldn’t get em trolling last weekend so we spent an evening fishing with minnows and got some.


They are biting well for the guys fishing them in deeper water. They need about 55 degrees for the males to start making beds and then the females can be coaxed in when the temp is around 60. Under my boat at the dock it was 54 degrees yesterday, so they should be thinking about the spawn, but it’s again less than 60 degree air temp and has rained all day, so they’ll be put off a little more I suppose. Guys are fishing the staging bass on the drop-offs near the flats where they are wanting to go to spawn.

Trout and Salmon

What you are all interested in I am sure, we started salmon fishing May 15th last year and I called and moved many of you up in the season so you were fishing the best times, which was late May into August. This year we were all hoping to see an early start, but not to be. I just read an article dated April 19th and at that time we had only (3) 60 degree days, a cold snap of epic proportion if it was to continue, and it has.

Three boats fished last weekend for a few hours on fun runs and although it’s hard for these fisherman to admit how slow it was I know the truth, one boat had no bites, one boat had one bite, one fish and the other one lied about having multiple doubles because it’s hard to have multiple doubles when you come in with two fish.

One boat out of Algoma ran 5 trips last week. He was bragging about how many trip he was booking this early in the season and he has yet to take out his fillet knife. That’s right, 5 trips zero fish and he was going out again the next day.

I am so happy that I made my living before I started fishing, so I can fish for fish and not fish for money like so many of these other idiots.
Can you tell I am a little miffed at these guys telling people to come on up knowing full well they aren’t going to do well and quite possibly won’t catch a fish!!!!!! I don’t know yet how I can fix this unethical even immoral behavior but I will be working on it, so stay tuned.

The Lodge at Leathem Smith

Some exciting news around the lodge/marina, we have new owners Chris Jeancourt bought the marina and Paul Meleen purchased the motel/bar and hotel. Chris has dredged the marina, so we have moved the Nooo Problem to the first slip on the south dock. Measured it the other day, you will save 134 steps and that is a lot when you consider the beer you bring out and the fish you take back down the dock.

Paul and Chis are working feverishly to get everything ready for a great season and will be catering to fisherman. I know you will like both these fellows and their crews and we now won’t have far to go for a burger and a beer or a dip in the pool or a hotel room.

They will be installing cameras on the docks, so you can see your friends or hubby coming and going on the boats and see the fish we catch. I will let you all know more about this when it gets close to being up and running (a few short weeks we think). I know this will be an awesome service for fisherman.

So we are excited about the changes and look forward to a great season. Many boats will be out over the Memorial day weekend on fun runs, so if the fish show up we will be waiting for them. I will be calling or emailing as soon as we see fish in record numbers.

Light winds, tight lines and following seas to you………….Capt Bill