14 May 2012

I’ll make this a short story:

Walleye guys limit every night from 18 to 28″s.  Bass are moving onto the beds and you can catch a couple of dozen in hours on the flats averaging 3-5 #s, but it’s better weekdays when there are not many boats.  Bass tourny here this weekend, so don’t come to fish them then.

Now the salmon report you have all been waiting for.  I have fished salmon on Lake Michigan for more years than I can count and I can tell you that this is the first year I have fished salmon in May.  This is an unusual year to say the least, 15 salmon in three hours at the dock, 15 salmon in four hours leaving the dock at 6am, 20+ salmon and can’t close the cooler lid so we quit and came in.  Two guys couldn’t carry the cooler with just fillets in it, we had to wheel it off the dock.

This is as good as it gets and if someone can tell me how to get my Motorola smart phone videos in a program that you can view I will send them out.

Well, it’s off to the boat to get things ready for tomorrows trip on a friends go fast boat.  It doesn’t get any better than this, so I will fish every chance I get.

Salmon have never been here this early, I’m not going to let these opportunities to fish slide by, you shouldn’t either.

Light winds and tight lines to you and yours…………Capt Bill