11 Jun 2011

I know I just sent a fishing report last week, but with the changing conditions out on the lake it’s time for another. Salmon/Trout The fish are now staging in deep water off the reef in record numbers along with the alewife’s. (We see them on our very expensive sonar units) You can watch them come up to look at your baits and head back down to the bottom again without a bite!! Most fish being caught are in the 120-140′ depth and they will be spitting out alewife’s when they reach the boat. You ask why, well, they want to eat, but the water is still so cold they cannot metabolize very well, so they still act like winter fish. They feed and then virtually go dormant while they digest. Imagine what’s going to happen when the water warms, these fish need to eat to grow, so eat they will and we should be out there.

The warmest water is around 50 degrees now, so it’s starting to warm. This week we’ll experience 70 degrees every day, calm winds will also help let the lake warm. As this happens the fish move up in the water column and get active, so it’s time for you to look to your calendars.

Normal season of late has been May through July into August, this year’s season will be late June through August into Sept and maybe even Oct. This year’s will be just like what we had years ago, so will I have all my hair with no gray and will Eric be chasing teenagers? Wait Eric still does chase teenagers! So now through August is when you should book and as the season progresses we’ll even be looking at Sept for some of the monsters to be biting.

I also realize in talking with you guys that the economy is having a big impact on your businesses and your fishing groups. You guys tell me that in your group of six guys two are on reduced hours one is laid off and two more don’t know day to day if they will have a job. You guys have all been loyal customers, I realize this economy is an issue, so please call me and we will work something out.


Bass fishing remains second to none (how many do you want to catch in a day), walleyes have slowed some and drum have moved into the traditional walleye trolling areas. People say they eat freshwater drum, I haven’t tried them, but catching these 10-15# fish on light tackle is a ball. My bud’s caught 23 of them this weekend before they had had enough! A few perch being caught yet and good sized drifting with minnows off the shelves in 20′ or so water.

Bout all for now, good fishing and tight lines to you and yours………..Capt Bill