28 Jul 2011

I was actually cancelling trips a few weeks ago for lack of fish, that has all changed again. We are not seeing the numbers we have in past years, but the fish are really big.

In the past two weeks, I know of a 34.5lb ,a 32lb a 29.75lb and common 20lb fish coming on almost every trip.

We had a mini tournament that ended yesterday where we could all weigh in 5 fish. It was a 5 day tournament, but we only fished three days and our combined weight of the 5 fish was 89lbs or an average weight of 17.75lb per fish, the largest being a 28lb ‘er. So it has gone from good to poor to good to very good fishing again this year. How long it lasts we won’t know, but I can tell you the guys that have been fishing recently have been excited.

If you have the urge to tackle one of these monsters you only need call, but I would call soon. I will also update again a little later in the month.

Check out facebook, we add pictures almost every day……..Capt Bill