10 Aug 2011

It’s been almost a month now since the last report, so I thought I had better send another before this salmon and trout season comes to an end.

All of us midwesterners still remember how late a spring it was, fishing didn’t get going till June 23rd (6 weeks late). Then we had a good couple of weeks and then mid July was slow (way too much bait) and now it’s the middle of August. Have not seen better fishing this year than the last two weeks and the last three days have been great. Never less than a teen count and many days in the 20+ and can’t close the cooler lids with all the big fish.
Some of you know Denis, he and I went out a morning last week and had two fish out over 600′ at the same time. I think there was almost a curse word or two used before these fish were landed, but you guys know I don’t hang with Denis because he’s the brightest bulb right. He also is not that good with math as I noticed when we started cleaning fish on the way in.

No one even tells you about a big fish if it isn’t over 25 lbs now or even over 30 lbs there have been so many fish caught in the 20’s.

The huge schools of alewives we were seeing earlier have disappeared and most of us believe this is the reason the fishing has gotten so good. A month ago they would gorge themselves on the billions of alewives that were on the bank reef, why eat your fly or spoon? However, now with only an average number of bait out there they are hungry when you come trolling over them, thus the large coolers coming in.

The only question now is with the season starting 6 weeks late, how long will these larger fish continue to feed until the urge to spawn takes over and the spawning fish quit feeding? (mother nature doesn’t want these spawning salmon to eat their own eggs, to insure that they will quit eating weeks before coming into the rivers to spawn) The questions is when will that be? Years ago we fished these spawners in November, but it’s normally Oct now. So my best guess would be we will have three to four weeks yet with these big fish biting before staging to run the river, spawn and die.

Doesn’t mean the season ends then, just that the spawning fish are harder to catch. At that time of year we will fish for 3 year olds on the bank in the early hours and then come in to try for some of the larger staging fish to give the fishermen a shot at their own personal record largest fish. Also at this time of year the rainbows are closer to shore, so you get two good things happening. One the number of fish can be greater with the colder waters coming in to shore bringing with it the rainbows and the number of fishermen is much less, so you have a greater chance of catching the hungry fish.

So in a nutshell, if you want to get here for the best big fish fishing yet this year, come in August or very early September. If later than that we will probably be fishing 10-15 lb salmon and 5-15 lb rainbows on the lake and then back into the canal for a pass or two at the big guys.

Our biggest fish this year was 29.85 lbs, would certainly like this to be in the 30 lb range before year end!!!!

Tight lines and light winds to you and yours…………Capt Bill